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Gallery: Natural History

The diversity of lifestyles we see in Kirindy´s lemurs demonstrates that there is no one way to fit into the forest. Further evidence of the considerable behavioral and physiological flexibility of these primates can be found in other parts of Madagascar as well. Recent observations of gray mouse lemurs at the northern end of the species´ geographical range, for example, revealed that neither males nor females hibernate there. In addition, five new species of mouse lemurs inhabiting the west coast of Madagascar- including the smallest living primate, a pygmy mouse lemur discovered at Kirindy - have just been described (these new species will receive their scientific christening in the October issue of the International Journal of Primatology). These Primates offer scientists an opportunity to study how a group of related mammals respond to a range of environmental conditions-in this case, along the entire length of the world´s fourth largest island. The more we can learn about how these animals divvy up the available habitat with closely related species, as well as how they avoid interspecific mating, the more we may be able to understand how Madagascar evolved such a richness of lemurs. Our deepest hope is that habitat destruction on the island will not result in a squandering of this remarkable wealth.

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Remote River Expeditions in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Tanzania - River Trips and Tours

Experience the romance of East Africa. We invite you to join one of Remote River Expeditions' adventures into Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Tanzania and see the atrractions of those countries. Each trip is completely unique. Each expedition has its own special challenges and serendipitous, human connections. What you can expect in every instance, however -- and why many of our clients return, year after year - is an outstanding wilderness experience including great food, magnificent wildlife, and friendships forged that last a lifetime.

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