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Friends & Family

The African Elephant Conservation Trust supports the Amboseli Elephant Research Project, which is headed by researcher and author, Cynthia Moss. The project, in KenyaÂ’s Amboseli National Park, is the longest running elephant research and conservation program in Africa. The goal of the African Elephant Conservation Trust is the successful conservation of Africa's elephants within the context of human needs and pressures.

Susan Dworski is a graphic designer and illustrator with a studio in Venice, California. In addition to designing for a wide variety of corporate clients, Susan has many years of experience designing beautifully produced biographies and family histories. These archival books ensure that unique, personal stories will be preserved as a legacy to be read, studied and enjoyed by many generations to come. Among her clients are: Acapulco Film Festival, African Village Music Festival, Benevolent Witness Productions, California African American Museum, DreamWorks SKG, Gap, Global Research, Inc., Independent Producers Association, Open Edge Media, Parents International Ethiopia, The Disney Channel, and the University of Southern California. Currently Deborah is working on a childrens book with primatologist and lemur researcher Alison Jolly.

The Heart and Soul of Tokounou: Sidiki Conde. The Call to sing and dance first came to Sidiki in a dream he had after he lost the use of his legs when he was fourteen. Music and dance became his transcendence and his vocation. Sikidi Conde founded Tokounou in 1988 and since that time has worked extensively with children and adults of all abilities giving performances whilst teaching African dance and music. His recent programs have included a series of 10 performances with Tokounou last spring in the Special Needs Schools throughout New York City.

Deborah Ross is one of AmericaÂ’s leading wildlife artists and has worked extensively in East Africa. Her journeys have been documented in painting essays published in Natural History Magazine. Ross has illustrated graphics for zoos and natural history institutions across America including exhibits at the Bronx Zoo, Dallas Zoo and Long Beach Aquarium. She has taught wildlife watercolor workshops since 1995 at the School of Visual Arts, Walt Disney Feature Animations, DreamWorks, Pixar, and Cal Arts. DeborahÂ’s art has appeared in The New Yorker, New York Times and HarperÂ’s magazine.

Exploration Specialists International

Homepage of friend and fellow Remote River Expeditions guide Pasquale Scaturro. With 'PV' at the helm, ESI has over 20 years experience leading adventures all over the world. The site has images of mountains, rivers and includes photos from the Oval Office with President George Bush and members of the National Association for the Blind 2001 Everest Team.

Congratulations! to PV and the team for safe and successful completion of the first descent of the Blue Nile River from its source in Ethiopia to the sea. 114 Days & 3,260 miles!!

Click here for details on the expedition and the upcoming IMAX film, Mystery of the Blue Nile, a MacGillivray Freeman - Orbita Max production. The film is due for release in Feb. 2005.

Kembatta Women's Center

Founded in 1997 KMG (Kembatti Mentii Gezzima) is a self-help center in rural southwestern Ethiopia emphasizing three inter-related programs to help women and their families help themselves: Health, Livelihood and Environment.

The centers founder, Bogaletch "Boge" Gebre, has just been nominated for the 1000 Women for the Noble Peace Prize 2005. Please visit for details and to support her nomination.

Asian Travel Adventures

Friend and fellow tour operator, Wang Dowa Sherpa, offers superb options in Asia. Discover Asia Travel, Bangkok, Thailand and exotic travel destinations in Mekong Sub-region countries!


Tsara Belo comfortable bungalows in Belo Sur Mer.

Madagascar Embassy
On-Line Information Service of the Embassy of Madagascar, Washington D.C.

Chez Maggie Hotel & Le Masoandro Restaurant

Morondava, Madagascar
A Romantic Hide-Away in a Secluded Garden Setting
2-Story Chalets & Distinctive Bungalows Air conditioning - Full Service Bar - Superb Food Beach Front Setting - Wondrous Sunsets - Swimming Pool Excursions - Sailing - Picnic Lunches - Beach Activities


Nosy Be Fishing Club

The Nosy Be Fishing Club has been chosen for its location near the beautiful and large Madirokelli beach at 20 kilometers from the airport, at several minutes from Ambatoloaka where activity, in the evening, is the deligth of fishermen and accompanists.

Fishing information and tours and a fun site to visit, enjoy!


Les Vins de la Fontaine-aux-Anes

Switzerland, a small country with outstanding wines... the village of Begnins, lies in the heartland of the lakeside vineyards on the southern flank of the Jura mountains. The vineyards have been carefully cultivated since Roman times. Over the centuries, generations of the Dessiex family, professional winegrowers from father to son, have handed down their love and experience of the earth and the vines. Their site includes information and a variety of links to Madagascar.

  Madagascar Travel Information Guide

The Madagascar Travel Guide and Planner offers users completely free and most comprehensive English speaking information about Madagascar's National Parks and Reserves, places of interest, cities and towns, accommodations, transportation means and lots more.
  Traumlandnet - Madagaskar Infos

An excellent German website with Madagascar information, travel advice and photographs.

German travelsite with lots of links to Madagascar travel resources. Links are leading to German and English websites.


Ethio Market

Ethiomarket is dedicated to assist you in finding your way to the Ethiopian Market.

Ethiopian Embassy

On-Line Information Service of the Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington D.C.

Care USA

Drought has stunted or killed crops across a large part of Ethiopia. Up to 15 million people -- 20 percent of the country's population -- could need food aid.

Like its poor and parched neighbors to the south, the Greater Horn of Africa is facing severe food shortages, largely the result of drought. Ethiopia and Eritrea, in particular, are experiencing a major food crisis, following sporadic and well below-average rains during 2002. An estimated 11 million Ethiopians are at risk, and 2.3 million Eritreans are expected to be in immediate risk during 2003. To prevent a catastrophic famine, the affected areas in both countries may require up to 2.5 million metric tons of food aid through 2003.

Oxfam International

In the last year, annual short rains have failed and long rains arrived too late. Ethiopia now confronts a severe drought with over 11 million people facing hunger in the coming year and in need of immediate food assistance and a further 3 million are at risk.

Maskal - Ethiopian coffee specialties

Maskal is a young company, foundes 2003, that has dedicated all its efforts on marketing and development of Ethiopian coffee specialities.


Tanzania Safari Holidays

Adventure Tanzania safaris for familiy vacations, mobile camping, seniors travel and wildlife Tanzania tours.

Embassy of Tanzania

Website of the Embassy of The United Republic of Tanzania in Washington D.C.

Global March

Global March Against Child Labour is a movement borne out of hope and the need felt by thousands of people across the globe - the desire to set children free from servitude.

Global March movement began with a worldwide march when thousands of people marched together to jointly put forth the message against child labour. The march, which started on January 17, 1998, touched every corner of the globe, built immense awareness and led to high level of participation from the masses. This march finally culminated at the ILO Conference in Geneva. The voice of the marchers was heard and reflected in the draft of the ILO Convention against the worst forms of child labour.

Responsible Tourism

Sustainable African Tourism


"Sustainable tourism

development meets the needs of the present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing the opportunity for the future. It is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled, while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems".

"Responsible travel

to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people."


The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

Together with the people of Africa, the AWF works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever.

International Rivers Network leads the campaign in defense of free flowing rivers throughout the world. They are pro-active and are deeply involved with the human rights and environmental issues surrounding the construction of large dams. Their work has directly led to changes in the World Bank and IMF policies regarding funding for large dam projects around the world.

Futa Friends is spearheading the fight in defense of ChileÂ’s Futalefu River. This strong international coalition of organizations and activists has been formed to oppose the damming of the Futalefu. The dams would forever alter this unique ecosystem and destroy the home of the people that live there.

National Wildlife Federation

Through education, activism, advocacy, and litigation, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) helps people protect the wildlife, wild places, and resources we all share. NWF focuses its coservation efforts on five core issue areas: Endangered Habitat, Water Quality, Land Stewardship, Wetlands, and Sustainable Communities.

Earth Island Institute

Life on Earth is imperiled by human degradation of the biosphere. Earth Island Institute develops and supports projects that counteract threats to the biological and cultural diversity that sustain the environment. Through education and activism, these projects promote the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the Earth.


Conservation International

focuses on trying to preserve and promote awarness about the world's most endangered biodiversity through scientific programs, local awareness campaigns, and economic initiatives. Their mission is to conserve the Earth's living natural heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.


Wildlife Conservation Society

Headquartered at New York City's Bronx Zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) works to save wildlife and wild lands throughout the world. For more than a century, WCS has inspired care for nature, pioneered environmental education programs, and helped sustain biological diversity. Throughout its rich history, the Society has remained an integral part of New York City's cultural life and a leader in teaching biology and science in both the US and worldwide.


Innovative solutions for global conservation

The mission of the Rainforest Alliance is to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

>Data Options - Our Earth

A new site by Data Options with numerous links to topics of concern and interest. Aquafiers, Climate Change, Coastlines, Dams, Deserts, Earthquakes, Glaciers, Rivers, Global Warming, Wind Farming...

River Conservation

The Zambezi Society

Harare Office
Mukuvusi Environment Centre
Glenara Ave/Hillside Rd, Highlands
Harare, Zimbabwe.
Phone: +263 (0)4 747002/3/4/5
Environmental Organization in Zimbabwe; Protection of Zambezi River.

African Water Network c/o ELCI

Sendama, Antoinne
P.O. Box 10538
Nairobi, Kenya.
Phone: +254.2.556943, 555579, 555513
Fax: 2+54.2.555513
Telex: 23240 ELC KE

AWN is a non-governmental organization. It promotes the durable development of water resources on the African continent through the direct and active participation of communities.

Medical & Safety Issues

CDC Travelers' Health

How to protect yourself from disease when traveling outside the U.S. and alerts about disease outbreaks.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel

Country Advice – official Foreign Office travel advice on over 200 countries, country-specific Travellers' Tips, and links to travel advice of foreign governments.

Responsible travel is travel that benefits travellers, hosts and their environments. Travellers gain from more enjoyable experiences, destination hosts gain greater economic benefits, and potentially negative impacts on fragile environments and cultures are minimised.

BBC Weather

The latest weather reports from around the world. Maps, forecasts, trends, climate etc. Everything you need to plan your trip.

Department of Health - Health advice for travellers

Before you set out to travel anywhere in the world, check the health requirements for your destination. Look at the potential risks and plan the precautions you need to take both before you go and once you are away. These will depend not only on the countries you may be visiting but which parts, for how long, at what time of the year, and where you will be staying. Camping, for example, presents different potential health problems to staying in a hotel. And there may be special immunisation requirements if you plan to enter a European Economic Area country from a non-EEA state.

Books, Maps & Photography

Bradt Travel Guides

Through 25 years of publishing, Bradt has kept its focus on the needs of the end-user: the adventurous traveller who seeks out off-beat places and the dreamer who would like to travel there but perhaps never will. The books provide accurate and up-to-date facts on such essentials as hotels and transport while enhancing the visitor's experience through insights into the local culture and natural history.

Frans Lanting Photography

Frans Lanting Online features the work of acclaimed photographer Frans Lanting. Frans Lanting, hailed as one of the great nature photographers of our time, portrays wild creatures as ambassadors for the preservation of complete ecosystems. This unique view of wildlife, which lies at the heart of his work, provides some insight into why Mr. Lanting's photographs are so hauntingly beautiful.

Travel Resources

adventure travel co

Adventure Travel Co

South Africa Safaris
Get first-hand safari and holiday advice and suggestions from a leading South African based travel company.
The WorldWide Directory of Tours & Vacations.


Trusted Connections

publishes useful links to selected 'Star' websites such as government organisations, companies, charities, businesses, cultural centers and online resources worldwide.


eGo - all your travel needs
eGo's brand new Airport Parking comparison service is designed to save you both time and money by making it easy to get the best prices for Airport Parking by simply entering the airport you will fly from and the dates you need.

Quest Finder

Find leading businesses on QuestFinder, the regularly updated index of new and up-coming projects online, including e-commerce stores, service providers, online communities and advice sites.

World travel directory

Outer Quest

Adventure Travel Guides - is the leading resource for adventure travel planning and outdoor recreation.

African Pages

Hotels Directory

Travel Beam: Free hotel Directory

Cheap Flights - From cheap flights to hotels, cars, holidays and travel insurance book everything at the convenience of your home.

Madagascar Travel Planner - the most comprehensive online travel guide about Madagascar

The Madagascar Travel Guide and Planner offers users completely free and most comprehensive English speaking information about Madagascar’s National Parks and Reserves, places of interest, cities and towns, accommodations, transportation means and lots more.

DIGNGO - Bike Tours in Europe

Based in the heart of Europe (Switzerland), Digngo (Pronounced Dig and Go), is an active travel company that designs incredible cycling adventures in the most beautiful areas of France and Italy.

Momentum River Expeditions

is a small, guide owned, friendly, and highly professional outfitter. They offer incredible river trips to select destinations in the spectacularly beautiful region of Northern California and Southern Oregon. Among their many offerings are the Upper and Lower Kalmath, Rouge, Owyhee, Scott and Illinois Rivers. Try Momentum, you'll be glad you did. - Tourist Attractions and Travel Directory

TOURISTBEST.COM provides the visitors with quality travel resources. Offering travel guide, hotels, lodging, bed and breakfast, online booking, passport and visa services, travel planning tools and more.

African Chop

African Chop, where you can find, prepare and enjoy delicious African foods. They connect people with African products. Find African restaurants near you.

Canberra Hotels provides online booking of Hotels in Canberra Australia also provides reservation of Luxury Hotels in Canberra Australia.


Useful information for travel and vacations.

Africa Travel Guide

There you can find current news, interesting articles and practical advice for travel in Africa.

Bush Camp Safaris Botswana

Safari and eco-tourism operator in Botswana. Botswana offers the visitor a true African safari adventure. Visit the Okavango Delta and game reserves.

The Africa Guide

where Africa comes to you...An excellent resource for all aspects of Africa including: country information, travelogues, shopping, accomodations and forums. Well worth a visit or two!

Open Window to Africa, freely accessible. For business, travel, and education. With country files, 1,000's of photos and 1,000's of links. Includes an Africa-related Calendar of Events. A remarkable site, winner of the Mother Africa Award.

Active New Zealand Adventure Travel

Hiking tours, Biking tours and Kayaking tours. ACTIVE NEW ZEALAND offers a variety of outdoor oriented, small group, hiking, paddling and biking guided adventure tours around New Zealand and Australia.

Aussie Walkabouts Australian adventure tours

Hiking, Biking and Kayaking Adventures. AUSSIE WALKABOUTS offers a variety of outdoor oriented, small group, hiking, paddling and cycling guided trips on the eastern coast of the continent of Australia and in New Zealand. - Adventure Travel

Adventure travel news and information about travel destinations, tours and more!

JMT African Heart Expeditions

Safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda - Horseback, Motorbike and Mountainbike safaris - Cultural trekkings - Kilimanjaro climbs - Zanzibar holidays.

Cape Town Villas

Cape Town villas is a complete online luxury accommodation directory of carefully selected private vacation villas located in upmarket areas in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town Travel

Cape Town travel is a complete online hotels & tours directory with advice on various locations and comparison of hotels in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

The VacationTechnician Company is committed to providing discerning international travelerÂ’s routes of discovery to both explore & protect the most remote & pristine wildlife areas left on our planet.

South Africa Golf

South Africa Golf, brought to you by, is dedicated to quality golfing information & provides comprehensive details with regards to golf courses, accommodation & golfing tours throughout South Africa.  


Comprehensive directory for travel related web sites. Destination guides, travel news and travelogues. Book cheap airfares, discount hotels and car hire.

Web Links

International Lifestyle Magazine:
Finalist in the Digital Magazine Awards 2010, Part Of The CBL Media Group, Lynn Nicholson, Editor


Hotels right on the beach ... no exceptions
no roads, no traffic between your room and the water


Tourism Industry Research Report - We sell Tourism industry reports and business research reports based on market research reports and industry research reports.

Remote River Expeditions in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Tanzania - River Trips and Tours

Experience the romance of East Africa. We invite you to join one of Remote River Expeditions' adventures into Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Tanzania and see the atrractions of those countries. Each trip is completely unique. Each expedition has its own special challenges and serendipitous, human connections. What you can expect in every instance, however -- and why many of our clients return, year after year - is an outstanding wilderness experience including great food, magnificent wildlife, and friendships forged that last a lifetime.

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