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Sustainable Tourism

The impacts of international tourism are many and at times they become a doubled edged sword. The importance of sustainable practices and 'giving back' are keys to moving toward a positive future for all.

Remote River Expeditions staff and management are whole heartedly committed to the principals of sustainable tourism, low impact camping and of having a positive impact on the places we live and work. We understand that respect of the people and environment are of the upmost importance.

During our long history of living and working in East Africa and Madagascar we've developed a deep love and respect for the people and their homes. We're fully committed to supporting the people and countries we visit. As well, we recognize the importance of addressing the global issues of resource conservation, especially where people and rivers are concerned.

We fully embrace the World Tourism Organization's definition:

"Sustainable tourism development meets the needs of the present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing the opportunity for the future. It is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled, while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems". (WTO)

Rafting on Omo River in Ethipia with River Guide Johannes Among other efforts, we employ and train local staff whenever possible. Our ongoing river guide training in Ethiopia recently led to a historic expedition. In September 2004, Johannes Bekalu became the Ethiopia's first white water river guide, rowing his own boat on the upper section of the Omo River! Congratulations go out to Johannes for a job well done and to everyone that assisted in his training.

Remote River Expeditions is continuing to train young men and women in Ethiopia and Madagascar and in 2005 we'll run the first ever formal Ethiopian White water Guide School on the Blue Nile River near Bahir Dar.

Below are several links to important organizations that are involved with the promotion of fair, equitable and 'sustainable' tourism and river international conservation:

Takeout for boat on Mangoky River in Madagascar Sustainable Tourism
International Rivers Network
International Ecotourism Society

Links to several other organizations
maybe found on our Links Page.

Very special recommendation for watching:

Leonardo di Caprio site: Watch Global Warming Film...

Remote River Expeditions in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Tanzania - River Trips and Tours

Experience the romance of East Africa. We invite you to join one of Remote River Expeditions' adventures into Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Tanzania and see the atrractions of those countries. Each trip is completely unique. Each expedition has its own special challenges and serendipitous, human connections. What you can expect in every instance, however -- and why many of our clients return, year after year - is an outstanding wilderness experience including great food, magnificent wildlife, and friendships forged that last a lifetime.

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